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Problems RX 480 games after auto restart occurs

Question asked by dhikanr21 on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by brunosp

i have a problem with my RX 480, here's the chronology, but i'm sorry for my bad english


last week as usual i played anno 2205, after about 4 hours my pc was suddenly auto restart. i don't know why. first, i thought it was because over heat (but i don't know the exact temperature) so i was turn off it. next day as usual, i was playing my pc again. then, i don't know why. every games that i played was crashing and stopped working after about 2-3 minutes, in fact, the driver was also stoped working*you can see the picture


i have asked to amd local community. they gave a lot of suggestion. upgrade to windows 10, undervolting, re-install my system, move my rx 480 to pcie slot 2, and the others. i have do all of suggestion. but there's no effect.


so the questions is, what is wrong? is my vga? my system? my driver? or what? and how can i fix it. thanks before. but it all has never happened before I change my vga thanks before


my pc spec:

Proc: FX 8320
Ram: 8gb
Vga: RX 480
Motherboard: Asrock 970 pro3

PSU: Corsair CS650M