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380X supports HDR or 30-bit colour depth? Also, can I mess with its RAMDAC somehow?

Question asked by speeder on Jul 4, 2016

I have lots of CRT monitors here.


CRT can display "infinite" colour depth (if you have a infinitely good cable... still, testing suggests that most VGA cables can easily support more than 48-bit colour per pixel)


380X is the most advanced AMD Card for end users, that still has a RAMDAC.


I own one.


So, does it supports "10-bit" colour settings at least? (this shows on RadeonMod for example).


Does it work for analog output?


Can it output HDR somehow?


Can I output, even if I need other OS than windows, a custom colour depth? (since windows, even Win10, seemly can't go beyond 24-bit when discounting Alpha Channel).