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My experience with Sapphire Radeon RX480 8GB GDDR5

Question asked by edokaesar on Jul 4, 2016


I'd like to share my experience with this VGA ..and maybe help someone having my same problems.My PC was running Win7 Pro 64-bit.I installed the RX480 and the drivers on CD included in the package (16.5.2).Everything worked fine for 2 days , then I decided to install Win10 to be able to use DirectX12 on Total War : Warhammer.I had to reinstall the VGA driver (along with others) so I downloaded them from the AMD site (a newer version). Randomly , during gameplay , my screen shutted down (No signal) but my Pc was still running and I could even hear the game sound (from external audio device).This happened twice in the same day.I then decided to unistall the newer version of the drivers(downloaded) and install the older version on CD included in the package.1 day : everything ok.Another error happend during gameplay (Warhammer Vermintide): "the AMD driver stopped responding and recovered"  and crash to desktop.I have had this same problem with my old GTX770 so I enter the Registry and modified the Tdr Delay.Until now(2 days)everything seems working fine but I'm afraid about updating my driver.What should I do in future?

This is my config:

Asus P7P55D

Intel i7 860


AMD RX 480 8GB


Hope this helps