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R9 280 no signal on monitor when starting game.

Question asked by jeflea2768 on Jul 4, 2016

So I just moved a ASUS R9 280 into one of my PC's, previously I had a GTX 950 in it previously. Upon moving the R9 into it, I constantly get a crash when starting games(only happens when I actually get into the game nothing at title screen). The issue is I get no signal on my display, as if the GPU just stops. From what I can tell not a driver crash. I can hear the fans on the GPU stopping, as if everything just stopped. I have tried and tested damn near everything, other than a fresh OS install, to fix this. I would prefer not to do a fresh install as I have a custom GUI mod installed, and would rather not have to rebuild it(I have tested with the GUI off and still get issues). System info below, as well as what I have done. Anything that may help solve this would be greatly appreciated!

System info:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit(10.o Build 10586)
Intel i7-2600S @2.8GHz(NON OC)
Diablotak 775W PSU - PSUL775
8GB(2x4) DDR3 Ballistic ram @ 1333
DirectX 11.2
ASUS R9 280 Series 3GB in 1080(30hz) (have tested in many different res)
Page file at 12GB
Hisense 4k TV @60Hz in 4k.

I have tested and monitored heating values. GPU never goes over 37c, CPU never goes over 44c
I have also tried 3 different drivers, all previous from the current
I have tested the ram, with no issues
Checked event viewer with no graphical related errors, other than forced shutdown

I have tried both the HDMI and Displayport on the GPU

Checked power LED's on GPU before and after crash, both indicate working
Underclocking GPU core and mem by 15 and 30%
Overclocking GPU core and mem by 15%
Running games in various graphical settings
enable/disable core parking
Have tested with local video playback and seen no issues


**Update, I tweaked with some setting in the bios, and was able to get fallout4 to run for about 5 minutes @720 rez, with lowest settings. Its crazy because the card should be able to play it no problem, as well as the CPU.