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BIOS white list blocks many cards : upgrade possible ?

Question asked by amidon on Jul 4, 2016



I cannot use many AMD graphic cards in a Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p SFF. This concerns the FirePro v3900 and several Radeon cards.

The external graphic card from AMD outputs no signal, even when selected as default graphic device.


The problem seems to affect other ThinkCenter using the same BIOS, like the ThinkCenter M91, M81 and the ThinkStation E30, as coming from a white list of accepted graphic cards. I flashed the latest BIOS from Lenovo for this model, but it did not change anything.

I wonder is there is a way to solve this problem, like a modified BIOS or flashing the BIOS from a close computer model where the card is recognised (e.g. the M92p).


The issue concerns the FirePro v3900, as well as many Radeon cards.


Thank you very much for your help.