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HDMI Audio being recognized as DVI?

Question asked by xboxps2gba on Jul 4, 2016



I upgraded to Windows 10 recently and ever since then for some reason My HDMI audio is trying to play to a DVI monitor and not the HDMI output. I have a radeon 5870 with 2 monitors connected through DVI and my TV connected through HDMI. If I boot the computer up with my tv off or on a different input it will try to play sound through my monitor if HDMI audio is selected. When I want to use my TV for sound and video and switch the settings the TV will show video but sound will not play through it. When I go into sound settings it will say AMD HDMI Output not plugged in. If I switch back to my monitor it will say it's connected. When I switch to my monitor I also get a message saying it sees the DVI to HDMI connection to the monitor. How can I make it so it only plays audio through HDMI and doesn't recognize the monitors connected through DVI as an audio source?


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