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    Legacy 16.2.1 Beta P-states/high performance mode?


      Were there any changes to p-states or other "under the hood" changes for legacy cards in these drivers?

      I have Sapphire 6850 Vapor-X card and with Catalyst drivers (Win10 x64) while browsing web with Chrome, for example, I usually get GPU/MEM clock spikes from 100/150 to 600/1000. Here's how the MSIAB graph looks like when I watch twitch.tv stream: http://i.imgur.com/pVWD0Mr.png

      However on Crimson drivers clock spikes seem more aggressive or simply bugged. If I open the same page in Chrome with Crimson drivers my GPU core will spike up to 775mhz. Same thing I noticed while playing a video with hardware acceleration enabled - card just enters the high performance mode instead of a lower p-state.

      Can anyone confirm this is a normal behavior on these drivers compared to Catalyst drivers? I don't really have a problem with Crimson drivers, except for the broken openCL (thanks for the legacy parting "gift", AMD) which can be fixed by dll swap, but I'm a bit worried by card entering high performance mode for no apparent reason, especially when it was more efficient on the older drivers. I'm using 15.11CCC drivers for now but Crimson seem to be a tiny bit better in games on my machine.

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          It's expected behaviour. If you disable hardware acceleration in your browser it may reduce the spikes as the CPU will used instead.

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            Stumbled upon something weird today while watching a 1080p60fps Twitch video.

            On 15.x drivers when I watch HWA video my GPU clocks sit at 300/1000 and GPU usage is around 20%.

            On 16.x drivers clocks jump up and down every second and GPU usage is all over the place (50%++). But if I open a video in PotPlayer (or any other video player) with HWA enabled, then GPU usage and clocks go back to the 15.x driver level with twitch video still playing, mind you.

            Here's a graph from MSI Afterburner showing this weird behaviour: http://i.imgur.com/CbU9Bpm.jpg
            Red area is twitch video playing, yellow area is still twitch playing but also with PotPlayer playing a HWA video.

            Just look at the GPU usage graphs with external player running at the same time as 1080p60fps video is playing in browser without any lag. What's going on here and is this REALLY a normal behavior of a GPU driver? CPU usage is the same and low in both cases.
            I can't go back to 15.x drivers because with 15.7.1 or 15.11.1 most 1080p60fps on youtube and half 1080p60fps streams on twitch stutter and lag like crazy, pretty much unwatchable in Chrome and can't maintain 60fps in Firefox (gradually dropping from 60fps to 30 and buffering). What DLL files from 16.x drivers should I feed to the .exe file so that the application would use HWA from 16.x drivers while I go back to 15.11.1?