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    GPU Drivers arent installing correctly


      I tried helping my friend update his GPU drivers and now his computers is completely messed up. He basically doesn't have a GPU driver now. This is what he wrote on TomsHardware. Any help would be appreciated.


      "My laptops GPU drivers are completely messed up. I was trying to update my GPU drivers (the first time since I bought the laptop, which is about 5 years old) so that I can run games better. First problem was that windows seemed to think that I had an entirely different type of GPU after I downloaded it. Before in device manager it said I had an AMD Radeon HD 6470M but after the installation of the new drivers and restarting my PC it thought I had a Radeon HD of the 7400 variant. The second problem is that AMD settings wouldn’t open, it said that the driver either isn’t installed or isn’t functioning. So I tried uninstalling the AMD drivers (also used AMDs clean uninstall tool) and tried installing the latest Catalyst version but now even CCC doesn’t work, saying the same thing as AMD drivers did. I tried even uninstalling and all that again and just using AMDs autodetect driver thing (Which DID find and install a driver) but the same thing happens and I can’t open Catalyst. I have no clue what to do next, do you guys have any idea what’s wrong?


      My specs are:

      HP Pavilion G7 notebook

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel Core i5-2430m CPU @ 2.40 GHz

      6 GB Ram

      AMD Radeon 6470M (depending on the driver installed will say it’s a 7400M series)"

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          Update the computer. The AMD drivers require the laptop to be fully updated from Windows Update...including the relevant 'Optional' updates, which include the .netframework and C++ upgrades. This must be done prior to attempting to install any AMD driver.

          Your laptop is equipped with switchable graphics. In order to update the AMD driver, the Intel graphics must be the current version. Go to this Intel link, and  use the Intel Driver Update Utility to find the latest graphics driver for your laptop. Download and save it to your desktop. 



          Download these AMD drivers to your desktop.



          Now delete the Intel drivers from your computer using 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel. Uninstall the AMD drivers from your computer using the 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.


          Computers with Intel processors select  'uninstall all' AMD software including the install manager.

          Computers with AMD processors custom uninstall the AMD graphics driver and Catalyst Control Panel only.


          Note: All anti-malware/anti-virus/anti-anything should be disabled during driver installation.


          Now install the Intel drivers first....reboot. And lastly the AMD drivers....reboot.


          NOTICE: If you do not want raptr/gaming evolved installed with your new drivers, uncheck the box for "gaming Evolved".



          If you are having issues with the normal installation of the Mobility drivers, use the clean install method , making sure you install the latest Intel drivers.



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              My friend installed those drivers exactly the way you said so and also completely updated windows 7 and he is still having a multitude of problems. First problem is that AMD settings is there and catalyst control center doesn't exist. AMD settings still doesn't open and has the same problem as before. The other problem is that in device manager it says that both his intel and AMD drivers are from 2011 even though he knows he installed the latest intel driver and the AMD driver you supplied him with. He's also been getting BSOD like crazy since this started. This is one he took a picture of http://imgur.com/NFqcdDD

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              I have same problem but under windows 8.1 64 bit, under windows 7 it works correctly with radeon 6740m driver.
              I've tried everything to install correct driver on windows 8.1, once i install correct driver with correct software, but i dont remember how.
              If any one have idea how to fix this problem please share.