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W600 FirePro 4K 60Hz

Question asked by msiatrak on Jul 4, 2016

Hello Guys,


Recently we bought FirePro W600 in order to drive 4x4K screens with 60Hz. Previously we used Matrox card which was able to drive only 2x4K @60Hz at the same time. This is how we checked that with the active converters that we have it is possible and screens are fully compatible with that.


The problem is right now with W600 I am not able even to drive only one screen in 4K at 60Hz.


We are using windows 10 and latest drivers. Even EIDD readers read that screen has resolution profile for 4K@60Hz, AMD Card doesn't see that option. AMD sees all resolution but only at 24Hz.


we are using Club3D, CAC-1170, Mini DP 1.2 converters


What shoudl I do to make it work?


Best regards