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    Over heating Fallout 4 7-03-2016


      OK clearly there are some problems.Lets start from the beginning.

      1.Apparently even after running the AMD cleaner some functions after the last function remain.An i am talking I set the fan to 100% use.Uninstalled the driver.Ran the Cleaner.Loaded up a different driver.An the fans jumped back to 100% even though it said default.So that's a problem.

      2.System specs.Currently testing on a FX 9370.Decent thermal paste with temps of 14 right now.Seems to be a bit higher than normal to me.ASUS motherboard  990FX board R 2.0 Not really important.But im using a Sapphire NITRO R9 390.On a Windows 10 64bit


      Now i tried using other drivers an going across from them i found some problems.Specifically 16.4.2 causes massive distortion due to it only functioning through the HDMI port.When trying to run it from the DisplayPort.It looks garbled.


      But the Temps.The temps are what get me.An i mean i have tried all kinds.Here are the drivers.


      amd-catalyst-15.8beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-aug23 ( worked really well)












      radeon-crimson-16.3.2-win10-64bit ( Would not even install.It crashed)

      radeon-crimson-16.6.2-win10-64bit  ( With the all the fans running.Still runs hot)


      This testing took a lot of time.So i hope this answers a lot of questions.

      Basically.The temps run up to about 80.An it is very very hot.During fallout.One of the biggest issues is.During the quest for Automatron the temperatures climb REALLY high.An i mean fast. The graphics card was hot to the touch.An yes several times i opened the case to check the temps.


      The graphics card suffers from this issue even after the game is closed.The system remains hot for a little while longer.I would like to beat this game but after so many things wrong with it.I don't know if its possible.Currently FPS is 48 frames per second at 1920X1080p.But if you set your resolution to 2500 the game jumps to 60fps.How messed up is that?Oh an you'll love this.If you go lower resolution or higher.The game surpasses 48 fps but crashes on purpose.Like it wont allow you to pass this frame rate.An if it detects it.It will shut down your computer.An i mean a complete system crash.


      Well the temps keep climbing.I know about the previous issues before with this but can you please point out the one that addresses the Overheating issue that damages graphics cards please.Maybe i can work with it?I don't know.But please help if you can.An please update your drivers to make them cooler please.

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          80*C on a high end graphics card is nothing to worry about, especially not with that idiotically designed cooler with an exhaust of half a slot and, I'm guessing, extremely loud ball bearing fans. Graphics cards are designed to take temps in the 90*C range. Also, you should use Display Driver Uninstaller, the AMD Driver Cleanup Utility doesn't work properly since Crimson.