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R9 380 crashes on most games (Witcher 3, Homeworld, etc.)

Question asked by sylosis on Jul 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2016 by getlogan

I have a R9 380, I have tried the latest 16.6.2 Crimson and my games still crashes, the same way it does for a lot of people. Witcher 3 crashes, like a lot of people. Also recently discovered that Homeworld Deserts of Kharak also crashes. I have, like a lot of people, the black screen as if my monitor was disconnected, showing the "No signal" kind of monitor message, again, like a lot people. And it is quite random... Sometimes I can play 2 hours without any issue. Other times it'll crash after 20 minutes of gameplay.



Any chance this will get fixed soon? I was hoping 16.6.2 would solve it. What I have is a brand new computer and it sucks that it randomly crashes. I just wasted my sunday afternoon trying different things.


Saw someone mentioning the 15.11.1 beta drivers were working, so I might as well try that.


Opened to other suggestions, especially if you had the same issue and managed to solve it!


Windows 10 64 bits


Intel i5-6400

Radeon R9-380