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    R9 380 crashes on most games (Witcher 3, Homeworld, etc.)


      I have a R9 380, I have tried the latest 16.6.2 Crimson and my games still crashes, the same way it does for a lot of people. Witcher 3 crashes, like a lot of people. Also recently discovered that Homeworld Deserts of Kharak also crashes. I have, like a lot of people, the black screen as if my monitor was disconnected, showing the "No signal" kind of monitor message, again, like a lot people. And it is quite random... Sometimes I can play 2 hours without any issue. Other times it'll crash after 20 minutes of gameplay.



      Any chance this will get fixed soon? I was hoping 16.6.2 would solve it. What I have is a brand new computer and it sucks that it randomly crashes. I just wasted my sunday afternoon trying different things.


      Saw someone mentioning the 15.11.1 beta drivers were working, so I might as well try that.


      Opened to other suggestions, especially if you had the same issue and managed to solve it!


      Windows 10 64 bits

      16 GB RAM

      Intel i5-6400

      Radeon R9-380

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          Hello. We have tried everything to solve this issue and unfortunately still no luck.  We are waiting solution from amd for 8 months!

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            Is it possible to know if AMD is actually working on this?


            I mean come on... how can you let a problem go on like that for so long? Are there no one from AMD answering forum posts? It seems quite impossible to contact some form of customer support, unless you have a warranty issue. But, as the card came in a new computer, I can't really contact AMD (what will most likely happen is AMD will say that I should contact the computer supplier and the computer supplier will say that I should contact AMD).


            Anyone from AMD, please comment? Are you working on this issue?

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              380 owner crash fix:


              I had Witcher 3 randomly hard crashing like other games, and what worked for me was setting compatibility mode for windows 7. I found a spot where the random crashing was reproducible, and after the change it didn't crash. I figured this was a windows 10 type of thing.

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                  Hey thanks for the heads up! The random crash you talked about, was it black screen or something else? I set AC Syndicate compatibility mode for Windows 8 and so far it has worked fine. But in Win 7 mode it crashes on black screen too. Btw, we all aware that black screen issue is something related to Windows 10.


                  Edit: I also faced crashes when ambient occlusion is set to HBAO+ and higher. Can be coincidence but its worth to shot!

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                    I was also going to ask if your problem was the "Black Screen / No monitor signal" kind of crash? I wasn't aware, speaking for myself, that this whole thing was only for Windows 10 users... I play all of my games from Steam (like most of you perhaps). I've never used Compatibility Mode for Steam games..I guess it's not that big of a deal to setup, but I've never done it.  Guess I just have to find the .exe in the Steam games files? I guess I'll try that.
                    Some Reddit users mentioned turning of Play.tv and Raptr and all that other useless stuff from AMD (useless for me at least). For sure I'll start turning them off and see what happens. Others say to turn off Steam overlay (that allows the Shift+Tab thing in Steam). I'll start with Raptr, Play.TV, then if it doesn't work I'll try Overlay and Then Compatibility mode.

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                    This card is a ****. Sorry for my words, but she is a real ****.


                    Waiting for drivers since last august, and keep freezing. Tried everything (litterally). As soon as I can, I'm going on Nvidia. Never seen so many issues with a card, on a so long time.


                    Got this last august, and keep freezing on a lot of games (fallout 4, black ops, battlefield 3). Did my feedback ticket,but nothing change. Enough is enough.

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                      When playing the System Shock demo for a few minutes the monitor will lose signal and display a black screen. A stuttering sound can be heard in the background on loop and the only way to recover from this crash is a hard reset of the computer. Upon restarting the computer and checking event viewer a log of the crash can be seen.


                      EventID: 4101

                      Source: Display

                      Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


                      I used to get the black screen crash on many other directx11 games (never had it on directx9 games), such as GTA5, Rainbow Six Siege, Satellite Reign, Unreal Tournament (the new one). However ever since a new driver released around April, at least for me, crashes in those games seem to be fixed as I have never encountered them again. System Shock is currently the only game I know of that still suffers from the same problem. I also get the same black screen issue with the Dolphin 5.0 emulator running with DX12 renderer and when playing movies in Media Player Classic using the MadVR renderer. Also graphics settings, resolution, windowed or fullscreen, refresh rate, FreeSync, tesselation, monitor, cable and port type, etc, does not matter as different combinations do not resolve the issue. Problem is a driver issue as it has been fixed in the past for other games.


                      My specs:

                      Core i7 6700k (stock, never been overclocked)

                      Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB)

                      Asus Maximus VIII Hero (BIOS 1701, current latest)

                      Seasonic XP-860 Platinum 860W Power Supply V2

                      Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro Dual-X 4GB (stock, never been overclocked)

                      using Crimson 16.7.2 WHQL (shows as 16.7.3 in Radeon Settings Overview, installed after using DDU in safe mode, Gaming Evolved NOT installed)

                      Windows 10 Home 64-bit


                      Monitor (single monitor tested individually, crashes occur on either):

                      Benq XL2730Z using DisplayPort (2560x1440, 144hz, FreeSync)

                      Benq V2400W using DVI (1920x1200, 60hz, non-FreeSync)

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                        Crimson driver 16.7.3 is an improvement for me.


                        The System Shock demo still crashes. However, instead of getting the usual no signal black screen crash, now the game just crashes and I can continue using Windows without a hard reset.


                        Same thing for Media Player Classic with madVR renderer. I still get a crash, but now I am able to alt-f4 to close the crashed Media Player Classic and continue using windows without a hard reset.


                        Dolphin 5.0 emulator now seems to work without crashing using the DX12 renderer.


                        Not sure if the crashes are a problem with the applications or display drivers, but I'm glad now the crashes don't stall the entire system.