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    RX 480 strange GPU activity chart


      Hey everyone,


      I've had my RX 480 for a few days now and can't really complain too much about the performance. However, Wattmans GPU activity chart looks rather strange to me. No matter what game I play, I constantly get spikes, with activity changing between 100% and 0%, looking like this: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (that chart is a dota match, not the most demanding title for sure)


      I've never seen this kind of erratic behavoir with any of my previous GPUs, nor in any Wattman charts I found online. I thought about this being some kind of CPU-Bottleneck, that system is only running a G3258 (although OC'd to 4.4Ghz), but I never encountered something like this with a GTX 970 I used for a few weeks.


      So... does anyone have an idea what causes this strange activity behavoir?


      Thanks in advance!

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          FPS normal? card saves energy. and processor weak

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            Do you have "power efficency" turned on in the radeon setting graphics section?

            I see graphs like this in undemanding games with this on, it is the card down-clocking when it does not need to run so fast.

            If I switch power efficency off I get flatter graphs with it running more near full boost speed.

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                I don't have power efficiency turned on, but it made no difference when I tried it. Also, this behavior does not seem to correlate with the graphical intensity of the game, it basically looks similar. Granted, the actual performance seems fine for the most part, but I would really like to understand why it behaves this way. I understand that the card tries to save energy/be more efficient, but isnt that usually dont by having a lower average overall activity instead of spikes like the ones shown in my picture?  At least thats how it used to be on my previous cards (although, I have to admit, those were green ones, if that makes any difference).

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                In not so demanding games, and CAD software, my 380X do this unless I use clockblocker. (on CAD it makes even the mouse cursor stutter, VERY annoying).


                For more demanding games it does this unless I raise power limit to +20%, even then it still occasionally do this. It is quite annoying.


                Also on driver 16.4.x GTAV was completely unplayable (it would have that behaviour even at power +20%, and the average framerate would be 80fps, but the gameplay actually looked like a slideshow full of stuttering, where even driving straight was impossible, on 16.6.1 that I am using now, GTAV still stutters, but it is microstutter now instead of massive stutter)

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                  I'm having the same problem, here is a picture of Wattman during Witcher 3 gameplay.




                  Power limit is at +50%

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                    Hey, I have the same problem here, but it seems to happen erratically. I'm currently playing Far Cry 3, and sometimes the GPU maintains 90-100% activity, but sometimes I get spikes such as yours which cause the game to go all stuttery, even though I am also maintaining 80-100 FPS. I thought it had to do with undervolting, cause I undervolted my card, but when I reverted to factory settings, everything was the same. I also see your voltages are set  to default.

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                      My Msi rx 480 gaming x has exactly the same problem . Also , the GPU Core glock and memory glock constantly at high mhz when i start nothing software.

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                        RX 470 Red Devil, i5 6400, 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz, TW2 700W Thermaltake


                        0 usage, 90% usage, League of Legends. Eventually game will grey screen hard lock requiring a restart. Only game this issue happens on. Dx9 issue poss?

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                          Apparently this is where the minimum 1% and minimum 0.1% of the average FPS comes in.


                          Where as performance rates at the 'average' fps, the reality is that your FPS can stutter and scale differently, even between different brands and cards.


                          If you were to look at the GPU as a processor that renders stuff, it's sort of like a lightbulb:


                          A lightbulb produces light by flickering insanely fast, which looks to us as if it's a bright light.


                          The GPU and even CPU functions similarly, by rendering images and processing data, very fast that we don't see it.


                          So the minimum 1% and minimum 0.1% used in some benchmarks, shows how often your frame rate, or performance, drops down below a certain threshold, or in short:

                          How stable is your framerate truly.


                          If you see dips while graphing with Wattman, it means your PC may have found something it bottenecked at, from the game or hardware itself, and stuttered.

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                            I have been having similar issues, but it's my memory that skyrockets even more than my gpu. does anyone know how to fix this?Screenshot (3).png

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                              Similar situation here. My specs: Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 650W PSU (recently tested and shown to be working properly), but I'm running a new XFX RX 460 2GB rather than a 480 to replace an HD 6870.


                              My performance fluctuates dramatically, with only the frequency of the spikes affected by my in-game settings. Typically I'll have 2-3 seconds at 60 FPS, then this will drop to 45 or below for a bit less than a second, then return to 60. I've been monitoring my usage and temperatures and both my CPU and GPU are peaking at around 70 degrees C.


                              I've done more than one clean DDU safe-mode reinstall of the latest drivers, and I've tested multiple games and benchmarks, newer and older. I've found that these lag spikes/fluctuations occur regardless of in-game actions (i.e., looking in a single direction without moving), though some in-game actions seem to exacerbate them (e.g. turning the camera, performing an attack/jump etc.).


                              Attached is an image of the Wattman graph for 3-5 minutes of Mirror's Edge gameplay, with FPS dips as described above.

                              Wattman Graph.png

                              Update: I've also checked my framerates with the lowest possible quality settings, and they're virtually unchanged, even running at 640x480.

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                                Same issue... Not sure if it's ok or not.

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                                  I have the same issue and this is a problem affecting all amd radeon drivers releases on RX480 !


                                  see the cross topic : https://community.amd.com/message/2794887


                                  Please AMD FIX THIS !

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                                    I have a few suggestions...


                                    Make sure ULPS is disabled by searching the registry for 'Enableulps' you should find 2 entries. Set both to 0, then find 'EnableulpsNA' and set this to 0, restart the pc.


                                    Wheb installing the display drivers uncheck 'OEM application profiles' this wont install the watrman section of the drivers.


                                    When i had wattman activated, i got horrendous stuttering, it seems to dynamically adjust core clocks on the fly and i had the spiky graphs above.


                                    Uninstall your drivers with ddu througj safe mode and reinstall them unchecking oem application profiles and my stuttering dissappeared and gained a few fps as well. (repeat process to disable ULPS above, reinstalling drivers resets the registry values)


                                    Oh and make sure you use the high performance power profile.


                                    I have dell inspiron 5576, amd a10 9630p with an rx 460mobile oc'd core+100mhz, mem+180mhz 4gb gddr5


                                    Tested this out with nier automata.


                                    Hope it helps

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