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dx 9 still broken r9 295x2 with latest driver

Question asked by iainob1 on Jul 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by iainob1

Again another driver that still has stutters and hitches/freezes with dx 9 games. Every dx 9 game has this.


Again windows 7 and 8 did not have this with the same hardware and same graphics card.


I disable crossfire for dx 9 but it always has the usage on the enabled card fluctuating up and down constantly from 0 to 100.


Dx 10, and 11 are fine.


Because of this flickering and stuttering and the terrible usage fluctuating in dx 9 games freesync is always turning on and off constantly.


Yes other cards may be fine but the r9 295x2 does not work with dx 9 properly.


If I leave crossfire enabled it make all dx 9 games worse and they stutter and hitch more and mostly show poor performance compared to crossfire disabled. Something is just not right with this card, dx9 and windows 10.

AMD please look into this im tired of trying out evey driver to no avail over and over. Every new driver still has this issue.


Oh and I know crossfire and freesync don't work in dx9 that is why I disable crossfire. The fact that freesync still has issues in dx 9 could indicate that the issue is still to do with crossfire not being fully disabled properly for dx 9 again.