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    Updating drivers breaks colours on screen (Windows 10, R9 200)


      My Windows 10 updated recently (now 10.0.10586).  Everything worked just fine.


      I decided to upgrade my graphics drivers (Radeon R9 200) to the latest version and the screen went crazy.  I attached an image to illustrate how it's behaving - it's a photo of the screen as a screen grab obviously wouldn't work.  In case you are wondering, it's taken with a camera set to manual white balance and exposure, so the colour variance is shown accurately).  The left hand side shows what happens when the drivers are uninstalled, the right hand side is with the drivers installed.


      There is an orange cast to the whole screen now, so large areas of white are actually orange now. Complex images such as photos or gaming because banded but in a weird way - you can see the backdrop has banding that appears.


      I've tried DVI, HDMI and Displayport cables - all the same result.


      I uninstalled the drivers and used DDU Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all previous versions too - once that is complete, the screen works perfectly again, so it rules out there being a problem with the monitor or the cable.


      During the installation of the latest drivers (16.6.2), it goes blank and comes back and it's the point when it shows the screen again that the rendering goes wrong.

      I've tried *only* installing the drivers and no other ATI software - still goes wrong.


      I've tried the latest and previous versions:  16.3.2  |  16.6.1  |  16.5.2  |  16.3  |  16.2  - none of them worked - they all have exactly the same result.  The don't remember which version of the graphics drivers were installed before but it was updated within the last few months, so couldn't have been that old.  The only thing that has changed are some updated to Windows 10.


      Help! :-s