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    R9 390 BIOS screen and random resets when under load


      Since i've been using the R9 390 my BIOS screen looks like the picture i attached to this thread. If i put in any other graphic card it works normal.
      I also get random resets while playing games.

      My build:

      OS: Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1511 (build 10586.420)

      CPU: AMD FX -8150 Eight-Core

      GPU: Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 

      MOBO: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 rev.1

      HD: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 128GB ; WDC WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0

      PSU: Energon EPS-750W