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HD radeon 6800 black screen

Question asked by halnilam on Jul 2, 2016
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I've been away for a while so I didn't use my computer for a while, like one year and a half. I use a W7 Pro x64 and my graphic processor is a Raden HD 6800.
Prob is, when I turn my computer on, it starts, normally, blabla and then BOUM "No signal", the screen is black and I can't manage to get back the video.
If i turn it off and on again, I have a bios sound code ; 1 long 2 short
And that's all! I can't tell more because I can't use my computer at all and have to use this 8years old laptop
In the small window of time that i had given before the screen turns off i tried;
-booting in safe mode; no better
-do the microsoft updates; no better
-uninstall the graphic drivers; no better
-reinstall them; no tried yet... next boot.

What I think could be temperature issue? But the fans turn, i cleaned the dust, it seems allright to me...
Btw i use a HDMI and the screen is a Iiyama Prolite E2407HDSD, maybe i should update its drivers too
Any idea how to solve it? It's not easy to do anything since I can't see my screen more than 1 to few minuts...