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HELP!! Not I use my AMD board to run the high-performance gaming

Question asked by cae on Jul 1, 2016

Hello! Excuse my English, I am Brazilian and I have a problem :(.

I have a notebook hp pavilion dv6 with 2 plates, one is AMD Readon HD6700M Series and the other INTEL HD GRAPHICS 3000, are 8gb of ram and i7. For years I used only the card intel, after a long time trying I finally got to use the AMD board, was an older version of catalyst driver amd I put the option high performance and he switched to amd forever, or so I was using the card amd. Always wanted to update amd drives to run the latest games, but every time I updated the graph of switchable system changed and I could not run the high-performance gaming. At this time updated all drives and continue with the problem of not able to run using the AMD board, put the game in the option high performance catalyst but it's like not to do anything, because it always remains with the board of intel.


If someone can help me, I would be extremely grateful!!!!!                        catalysty 15.7.1  I can not upgrade to crimson