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    Installing drivers manually for HD 8750M.


      Hey out there.


      After installing the latest AMD driver today 2nd june (think it was some kind of beta), my computered flickered and went black. I rebooted but same thing happened. So i rebooted again, and before the amd-display drivers managed to launch, i uninstalled the driver (using the AMD tool to do so).

      Now my problem is i cannot reinstall the drivers, because the system does not recognise my graphics unit (as you can see on picture 1 when i try to enter AMD-settings), and no where in hell can i find an actual driver on AMDs website only these installation "utility programs". Anyone know how i should do? I found the "unknown device", and that is the GPU i guess.


      I run windows 8.1 64 bit

      Intel HD 4600

      AMD HD 8750M

      AMD problem1.png

      AMD problem2.png

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          just paint it blue and throw your laptop in the ocean!! buy another one with nvidia GPU to ease your head from troubles!!! the problem with AMD is that publishes beta drivers all the time and no stable ones!!!! you have the same problems with everyone else here. for so many years community asked AMD to fix their drivers but they didn't!!! anyway if you want no problems at all go buy nvidia hardware, you pay a lot more but you don't have problems at all!!! as i always say best companies have great support to keep their customers happy... you know what everybody agrees that apple products aren't cheep but they always work and if they don't apple support is the best in the world!!! AMD are charlatans, lairs and thieves on the  other hand... they promise great gaming experience without drivers in their gpus... GREAT! thanks AMD!!!