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Question asked by awaks on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2016 by awaks

Hello guys.


Well I have very strange problem with my AMD PowerColor Turboduo R9 270 card. My screen flickers occassionaly in a sec. It happens only on desktop, on browsing (especially when changing between tabs) and in game menus, not when I play. Sometimes it just goes bad (like a bad television channel) and in that case the only option is to restart PC on button. I RMA-ed my card and they told me it is OK. I replaced old PSU and the problem still remains. And after almost 1 year, I noticed that it has something to do with Memory Clock fluctuations. My default max Memory clock is set to 1400 Mhz, so when I tried to change it in Radeon Crimson driver settings something happened and now it is stuck at 1400 mhz even in idle and I can't change it anymore. But guess what? NO MORE FLICKERING. Yes, the temperature is higher 10 degrees C (in idle 45 degrees C). So I wonder if someone else is facing this weird problem ? Is it driver related and if yes, when there will be any fix? Because I heard that having Memory Clock max all the time is bad for GPU.




Sorry for if my english is bad.