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I have lots of issues with the 380X, and I was trying to help with the RX480 power problem, why people keep accusing me of being nVidia paid shill or a troll?

Question asked by speeder on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by techguy

My 380X that I bought a month ago has lots of problems, some of them I suspect power related, and because of this I started intensely researching how power distribution work on PCI-e slot.


The RX480 seemly actually has the same problem, but a step "before" the 380X (the 380X seemly has the same isue as the RX480, but had the power greatly limited in the VBIOS, causing throttling and bugs).


When I ask anywhere, here, on reddit, on chat, even on official support channels, people dismiss me, say that I should just RMA (I can't because I had to smuggle the card in my country) if I didn't liked the card, or that I am a troll, nVidia paid shill, etc...


I even got banned from reddit AMD chat, some people accused me of being an alt of "alkaladur" whoever that guy is. Same accusation that was thrown toward the guy that complained that his PCI-e slot was fried by the 480 (people also replied to him that he was a troll and alt of "alkaladur")


Sapphire official support ignore my tickets, or clsoe them, or just tell me to RMA.

AMD never replied any my support requests or bug tickets.


What is wrong with you people? Are you so desperate that the AMD products are completely crap that you need to desperately refuse support and ban people from forums to hide your bad products quality? My first post on the forums was in good faith, asking how to research more about the power problems, attempting to see if I could help, I wrote detailed reports to Sapphire, and I got all this hostility in response!


I went AMD for the first time, because I was upset with nVidia business practices. But at least, nVidia treated me very well as costumer, always tried to help the best they could, also never got nVidia community being hostile to me when I asked honest questions about their products serious problems (nVidia Optimus that report outright wrong information to older DirectX versions).


I now really, really, really regret ever buying AMD, I was excited for Zen, and not I am not anymore, I don't want to get nowhere near any AMD products again until these shenanigans stop and AMD start fixing their stuff (the 380X "black screen" that AMD acknowledged 1 year ago that the issue exists, and didn't even bothered to put in the "known issues" list of the driver changelogs).