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    Black Screen when Shutting Down / Restarting on 16.6.2 ?


      Hey so I recently just upgraded my R9-290X Vapor-X 8GB to the R9-Fury Nitro 4GB.
      Previously I was using 16.5.3 BETA Driver. Now I'm using the latest 16.6.2 BETA Driver.
      I never have this problem on my previous Driver and GPU.
      So now I'm experiencing this weird problem. Whenever I'm shutting down / Restarting my PC. My screen will go black for a second. Then only I will see the Windows is Shutting Down screen.
      Was wondering if anyone else is getting this as well ??

      I'm using D.P on my BenQ XL2730Z monitor if that matters.


      My system :
      Windows 7 64-BIT
      Asus P8Z77-M
      i5 3550
      16GB Vengeance RAM @ 1600mhz.
      Seasonic P-860W Platinum.

      OS Installed on Transcend SSD370 128GB.
      Asus Xonar DG Soundcard.



      I do have MSI AB running as well.
      Also since the few last previous Driver I been getting this error in Event Viewer as well. Even now on 16.6.2 I'm still getting it.
      The Error shows as ATIeRecord ( EEU )

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          Hey gh0st47,


          I am also running a Fury X, Fury series card and a Benq XL2730Z Freesync monitor and noticed and after trying the latest BETA driver 16.6.2 it didn't take me long to revert back to 16.5.2.


          I noticed it wasn't running ideal and one major problem I had was after waking my PC from sleep I had a box about 1 inch squared over my mouse pointer. This black box looked like a corrupted display, it would follow wherever I pointed my mouse.


          The driver felt a lot worse than the last so I quickly reverted back, It's unfortunate as all of AMD's BETA drivers lately have been great.


          I didn't notice your Issue but in my opinion there is a definite issue with Fury cards on the latest beta.


          Another thing I noticed it didn't automatically set my refresh rate to 144hz as it always does but was on 60hz after updating to the latest 16.6.2 BETA.



          EDIT: I just reported my Issue to AMD via the report feature in Radeon Settings.

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              Well sadly I can't test the Driver any longer. As I said just recently bought and installed my new Fury Nitro card, so I was using the latest Driver.
              But unluckily I had a faulty fan bearing in one of the fans....real bad luck I guess.....had to send it for RMA.


              So now I'm back onto my 290X Vapor-X ( I still love this card...! ) but I've reverted to 16.6.1 BETA Driver.
              Yeah I kinda agree, I can sort of feel it in my gut that the 16.6.2 doesn't seem to be such a good Driver.


              Even though I've only used it for 1 Day or so. I was playing Fallout 4, I ran into a weird random Black Screen. It just black out for a moment...and it just came back as if nothing happened. But I didn't heard any " disconnected " sound  as well, like usually if your monitor lost signal / driver crashing  etc basically like as if your GPU stopped working or something.

              But for the shutting down / restarting, I do get that sound first then the screen goes black and continues to the Windows is Shutting Down screen.
              But this problem maybe related to monitor as well. As before I recall one of the Driver versions, when you're uninstalling it, it will cause a black screen for for some BenQ monitors, but that has been resolved but who knows it may be related  somehow this problem surface again lol ?

              Though upon installing the 16.6.2 Driver it did automatically set my monitor back to 144hz for me.
              It's weird that how all this problems may occur for one person and may not for other lol, even though we are running the same thing !


              I guess it's best we avoid 16.6.2 Driver for now. I think there are a few complains from other Fury / Fury X users on the 16.6.2 as well.
              Hope it be resolve in the future BETA Driver. But it's good least AMD is showing all the Known Issues on each patch notes and doesn't hide it !

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                Hi would like to update on the situation.
                So finally I got my Fury Nitro back ( Thank God I was able to exchange it within 1 Day ) so I've tested it.
                On 16.6.2 there was Black Screen during Shut Down / Restart. Same for 16.6.1 ! I guess it started happening since 16.6.X


                Not just that, I too am experiencing alot of problems with  the 16.6.X Driver. For one the FRTC isn't working again ! One of the Driver back then also had this problem, this problem is like as if it comes back and forth sometimes some Drivers work some don't really annoying...
                Another thing I notice, yesterday night before I roll back to 16.5.3 I notice my FreeSynvc was disabled for some reason...I remember clearly I enabled it...I could be mistaken though but just a heads up.


                So I went and roll back to 16.5.3 ( the most stable so far for me since 290X ). Bang ! No more Black Screen during Shut Down / Restart ! It's definitely the Driver causing the Fury card to act like this. Because while I was exchanging my Fury Nitro, I was using 16.6.1 for my 290X, there was no Black Screen during Shut Down / Restart


                Also since 16.5.1. There's this ATI EUU error in Event Viewer hasn't been fix even till 16.6.2.
                Quite sad really their previous Drivers was doing so well, now the new 16.6.X is doing so badly


                So if anyone else having problems etc, I rolling back to 16.5.3. Avoid 16.6.X for now. Maybe just go straight for 16.7.X in future ? ( Possible version numbering ? )

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                My laptop intel i5 not switchable + amd radeon hd 7650m  2GB GPU i update Crimson then issue

                started black screen on windows logon. then i clean the hard-disk ,installed new OS windows 8,8.1,10

                when i try install any official stock catalyst or crimson ,DDU,amdcleaneruntlity,registry cleaner.

                while installing display driver issue with black screen crash and some time mouse is showing flickering .....

                i try many driver version not able install stuck or freezing..after only way hard shutdown

                then i try uninstall amd display driver on safe mode then it able to login normal with Basic display adapter.

                now unable to install any amd display driver for GPU it useless...

                i have no found any solution in forums .




                finally i find the fix for my laptop  Amd HD 7650M 2GB + i5 intel


                a.black screen issue when logon and b.installation black screen issue

                1st try with hdmi / vga connected second monitor then try to install  or try to turn on laptop still issue persists

                it a hardware failure gpu dead.try below step it worked for me.

                1. need "air heat gun" and "heat thermal paste".

                2. disassemble laptop fully.

                3.remove heat sink with fan from motherboard clean the fan dust if you have and now able to find chip process and AMD  Gpu in laptop.

                4.read the chip which one is GPU and take "air heat gun" blow up-to 5 to 10 min then wait to cool 30 min don't touch chip.

                5.put the thermal paste on both intel proccess + amd gpu chip place the heat sink carefully.and assemble your laptop

                6. turn on  install any catalyst driver .i have install 15.11 catalyst  (don't install crimson driver it burn your GPU)

                and enjoy

                it working fine for me...

                this very risk i have sony laptop the company is closed . i have no choice to service. i done by myself.

                it help someone keep try any dead gpu and black screen issue