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R9 270x broke shortly after updating drivers

Question asked by bob47 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by speeder

About a day after updating my drivers using the control center, my Sapphire R9 270x broke. While doing some internet browing the screen suddenly went black. After restarting the computer my monitor shows the message "out of range". I tried to connect the monitor using DVI, which just shows weird patterns/artifacts.


I tried to unplug the card and plug it back in, which didn't change anything. I also tried a different graphics card in the system, which works fine, so my motherboard or PSU are not the problem.


While it could be just a coincidence that my card broke shortly after updating, I read that last year an AMD driver update also caused some graphics cards to break. Is there anyone else who has experienced similar problems with a recent driver update or with this GPU?