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    Totally pi.... by RX 480


      Why is RX 480 not able to allow the same monitor configuration like my old 7950 boost does? First: I'm using Windows 10
      I have 3 Monitors - 2 x 1280x1024 and 1 x 1920x1200.
      With my 7950 it is not nescessary to create an eyefinity group. All 3 Monitors appear in the Configuration of the Screen (in German Anzeigeneinstellung, i dont know how it's called in english and i don't want to change the language for this f*cking problem)
      Now a maximum of 2 !!! Monitors are visible in the windows screen configuration. So i'm forced to use eyefinity. But either i can't use the native resolutions or if i do, some parts of the virtual screen aren't visible AND it isn't possible to maximize a window to just one monitor. i guess it will be also impossible to play a game just on the middle monitor with eyefinity.



      With this configuration the system is absolutely unusable.


      Where is the f*cking problem to implement something that worked with an older card, to a new graphics card? I read something about just 2 clock generators on 3 DP ?!? Does this mean it would function correct if i buy an active DP-to-DVI cable? I don't want to buy an active cable just to notice it even doesn't function


      If there is no solution within one week, i send the RX 480 back and buy a Nvidia. GTX 980 - even if it is more expensive - but it WORKS! And then i'm sure - this was my last AMD product. I'm really pi**ed.


      Is there an acceptable solution without waiting for month until there maybe come a fix for it?


      P.S. Both 1280 monitors need DP to DVI cable, the middle monitor has a displayport.
      Additional pictures show the behavior without eyefinity


      Nachricht geändert durch Daniel Gerholdt Additional photos..