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Totally pi.... by RX 480

Question asked by sputnik1969 on Jul 1, 2016

Why is RX 480 not able to allow the same monitor configuration like my old 7950 boost does? First: I'm using Windows 10
I have 3 Monitors - 2 x 1280x1024 and 1 x 1920x1200.
With my 7950 it is not nescessary to create an eyefinity group. All 3 Monitors appear in the Configuration of the Screen (in German Anzeigeneinstellung, i dont know how it's called in english and i don't want to change the language for this f*cking problem)
Now a maximum of 2 !!! Monitors are visible in the windows screen configuration. So i'm forced to use eyefinity. But either i can't use the native resolutions or if i do, some parts of the virtual screen aren't visible AND it isn't possible to maximize a window to just one monitor. i guess it will be also impossible to play a game just on the middle monitor with eyefinity.



With this configuration the system is absolutely unusable.


Where is the f*cking problem to implement something that worked with an older card, to a new graphics card? I read something about just 2 clock generators on 3 DP ?!? Does this mean it would function correct if i buy an active DP-to-DVI cable? I don't want to buy an active cable just to notice it even doesn't function


If there is no solution within one week, i send the RX 480 back and buy a Nvidia. GTX 980 - even if it is more expensive - but it WORKS! And then i'm sure - this was my last AMD product. I'm really pi**ed.


Is there an acceptable solution without waiting for month until there maybe come a fix for it?


P.S. Both 1280 monitors need DP to DVI cable, the middle monitor has a displayport.
Additional pictures show the behavior without eyefinity


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