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    Radeon Software Version 16.3.2 put virus on my computer


      beware of this update it has the potential to do some serious damage to your pc while also potentially puting your private information at risk and it will automatically come with this update you will also lose control of which programs you can modify, uninstall and will not be able to change the permissions for certain apps mostly just games is what i noticed and the programs also any program you optimize with the software that came with download. im very fortunate to have some knowledge as to how to stop bad viruses like this from doing alot of damage with some help from my friends at trend micro which provided excellent cloud based support i believe these programs no longer are operational on my system. let me say i will never knowingly purchase another Amd product ever again. i used to tell people how great the product is and how i felt it had an edge on intel if configured correctly shame on this company for allowing this to happen extremely careless and lazy. also beware of play.tv and i should specify that the full name of the program in the pics is Raptr Inc . please share so others are aware of this threat thank you.