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    Sapphire R9 380 : PC totally frozen again.




      I'm really ****** angry while I'm writing this post. Seriously I'm fed up of all of this. I've got a Sapphrie R9 380 nitro 4Go since last August, and since this, I'm keeping freezing.


      I checked all i found on the internet and here on the support forums (RAM, Motherboard, every ******* drivers my computer could use, all the gpedit.msc options, all the beta drivers, power supply, hard disk....), and i still freeze. PC totally frozen, and I have to restart it manually.


      I'm waiting since this for drivers fixing it, but since last august, it didn't came. Seriously, why ? On fallout 4, I'm still experiencing the black screen "no signal". Now, on 16.6.2 I got a total freeze while playing Black ops 1 solo.


      I've already written a feedback on every specs I'm using. Even my windows diary system ain't show me anything wrong.


      Please fix it now, it's been buggy since a too long time. Why still no "R9 380 freeze fixed" in changelogs ?


      Did my best, if it's not in one month (then august after one year), I will leave AMD. Enough is enough.


      Thanks for reading, and thanks for answering.

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          Frozen PC isnt related to CPU overclock?

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            Try re sitting the card in the motherboard and see that it is straight in its slot and not sagging down at all. Try the motherbiard out of the case and flat and see if it stops. I have read this could be a cause of all the blackscreens and driver stopped failures. The cards have been sagging in the slots under their own weight and not making true contact.

            can only but try it.

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              This issue isn't fixable from your side. AMD needs to fix this and is already investigating this issue since 7 months. I have this problem too, can't use any drivers after 15.11.1. I waited 7 months and there is still no fix. It's a mistery to me how a company can't manage to fix a critical midrange card problem in 7 months. This issue is well known in this forum, discussed every week and acknowledged by AMD with: "Bruh, switch to 15.11.1, we are investigating this issue."


              To everybody suggesting workarounds: Please, just stop. It doesn't matter, they will simply not work and you will give this guy false hope. Everytime I visit this forum, I see people talking about ram, motherboard, hard drive and cpu issues, and I just laugh, because this issue is known for months and isn't even sticked. AMD doesn't give a damn and you shouldn't too. I am done with waiting. If you are too, sell the card and buy another one. If you still want to stick with AMD, fine, but after the fan problem and this for 7 months, I won't.


              I seriously liked AMD over NVIDIA, but now I will rather pay a bit more than getting critical issues like this for months and being ignored.


              Just my two cents.