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    GPU Clock remaining at around 300 when in game meaning I get poor performance, what's going on?


      I recently remade my system. I kept only my Sapphire Tri X Fury OC edition. Running an Intel 6700K and an Asus Z170I for my motherboard. Reinstalled drivers completely using DDU to remove them. Previously I was running an FX8320 and a Gigabyte motherboard the name of which began with the numbers 970 or something like that.


      The problem is that the GPU clock remains at Idle levels of around 300 when playing common games like Doom and Overwatch with visibly poor performance. However when I ran furmark it somehow knew to put the Core clock up to 1400 or whatever it was, which is way more reasonable and the furmark was running really well and there was no thermal throttling after running the furmark for a while.


      What's going on?

        • Re: GPU Clock remaining at around 300 when in game meaning I get poor performance, what's going on?

          Can you tell us a little bit more about your system and what settings you are using?



          Does pressing Alt + Enter while gaming to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode kick the clocks up?


          Any background applications running at the same time? On a second screen?

            • Re: GPU Clock remaining at around 300 when in game meaning I get poor performance, what's going on?
              • AMD Graphics Card
                • Sapphire Tri X Fury (Air)
              • Operating System
                • Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed
                • AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Display Driver version 16.15.2211
              • Display Devices
                • Main display; e.g. A399U 3840x2160 @60Hz connected via display port
                • Secondary display; some generic 1080p AOC monitor over HDMI in portrait orientation. Not used for gaming.
              • Motherboard
                • Make and model; Asus Z170I
              • CPU
                • Make and model number; Intel I7 6700K
              • Power Supply Unit
                • Corsair SF600 600W
              • RAM
                • Amount of memory installed; 16GB
              • Mice (I've added this since it may help in the solving of the issue)
                • Mouse commonly used for gaming; Tek Syndicate mouse (specs available here)
                • Mouse used for productivity and general convenience: Logitech MX Master

              Describe your issue:

              • GPU Clock is unstable and therefore the FPS of games is unstable too. This issue can be reproduced my using the tek syndicate mouse, but doesn't persist when using the Master mouse. To elaborate when I use the Master mouse I get stable framerates as well as a stable GPU clock that is appropriate to the gameplay context. In testing this I could see a direct drop in performance after literally moving a different mouse with both connected without any unplugging anything or changing any of the settings.


              • All modern games seem to be affected (by modern I mean as recent as this year. The games I tried with successful recreation were Doom, Overwatch and Minecraft (just to see if there would be a visible reaction even though it's not GPU intensive). The reason I say it's newer games only is because Metro 2033 Redux which I'm pretty sure is at least a few years old now ran in a fairly stable fashion (varying on point in game) regardless of the mouse.


              • So firstly there's Doom the image below will show the results I got from play testing the game with MSI Afterburner. When the image below shows the clock going up from idle the first time that's when I start playing the game at 1080p resolution with fully stable and playable 45FPS and for this game going to 60 isn't really the main priority since it doesn't require that much precision. The stable FPS is with the Master mouse and you can see it remains at a mainly consistent clock, but then get's way less stable, that's when I switched to the Syndicate mouse (meaning constant 20FPS) and then it get's a little more stable after that which is when I switched back. Then after that there's the overall increase in clock to nearly max (at this point I switched the resolution up to 4K without changing any of the other settings) again 45FPS stable, then I switched to the Syndicate mouse and suddenly there's crazy instability which equates to solid 20FPS in game, then I switch back later and it get's stable again until I quit the game which is when it goes to the idle clock and the temp starts to go down.


              • Then there's Overwatch. Same story and it can be seen below. Stable clock until it's not. Again in direct correlation with the changing of the mouse. Now in this case the FPS drop didn't make the gameplay unplayable at all, but it was pretty noticeable. Difference in FPS ranged from map to map since some are more demanding than others, but the overall experience was worse with the Syndicate mouse.


              • Then we get to Minecraft which also saw a slight clock stability drop though no visible FPS drop was recorded.


              • At this point there's only Metro 2033 Redux left which has no effect at all from the mice. The stability drops that can be seen below are purely map based. Notice that there is a distinct set of performance drops that occur twice. This is because I died at a certain point in the part of the game I'm playing after playing it once with the Master and then the other time I played it with the Syndicate mouse (the drops were at the same place without instability based on the choice of mouse).
              • Z7T4Wj.png
              • Then I have the settings for all the games at the following links
                • Doom
                • uXnOdH.png
                • Tz4cau.png
                • kKdvwR
                • Overwatch
                • wiKZMW.jpgBOLCAV.jpg
                • And finally Metro 2033 Redux (I left Minecraft out because everything was default). The settings do show SSAA disabled, but enabling that to any extent made no difference in stability in terms of using the mice, but I do think the game looks just as good without it at 4K.
                • 3790pF.jpg




              Using wired mouse causes GPU core clock to fluctuate and drops FPS significantly. Using wireless mouse somehow makes the problem go away, but I wanna use wired because it's more accurate due to lack of interference.



              Took me 40+ minutes to write this lol