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TriFire RX480's Killed MB Audio

Question asked by cubeman on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2016 by cowtown62

I crossfired two Gigabyte RX480's on my Rampage IV Extreme and had great results and no audio issues. I got a third XFX RX480 today and after installing the card and running 3dmark, I lost audio. This MB was bought brand new during its release date and hasn't had a single issue. To eliminate driver issues i uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. Pulled CMOS battery but Windows says only 2 ports out of the 6 ports now work in the rear.


Any suggestions? The XFX card pulls higher wattage then my Gigabyte ones. The Gigabytes pulling 130 a piece, the XFX hitting 140-150 at 100% load.