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    Another bad driver ? 16.6.2...




      I recently updated my drivers to 16.6.2 and now everytime i try to play a game for a while the driver just dies and i get a black screen until i restart, c'mon guys ??? just one driver without these unbearable issues, I'm using the R9 Fury or have you focused completely on the RX 480 and completely forgotten that other people still use your other products, i'm sorry for being rude but this is just frustrating ... either way I digress.. please fix.

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          Haha! Looks like R9 380/X owners' (I am one of them) black screen problem spread to other R9 products with the latest drivers.

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            I can tell you right now, from experience.. I own a Sapphire Nitro Fury myself,  I'm in the process of replacing it witha 480 for temporary use (because its cheap).. Then I'm selling the Fury, buying an nvidia 1070 or 1080 to replace the Fury, then the 480 is going into my backup rig to replace my old r9-290, then I'm selling the 290.


            This current amd is not the amd of old, or remotely close for that matter.. I still think they contract their driver development to some place that has no idea of what they are doing..




            After ordering the 480, I came across the pcie slot overvolt noncompliance issue of the 480, and now I'm scared to put it in my newer I5-6600k computer.

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              On 16.6.2 I'm still freezing with R9 380 Sapphire nitro. Enough is enough, got this since one year, and still ********FREEZING.


              Enough is enough, I gonna leave AMD soon I think. Too many issues never solved.