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AMD RX480 India Pricing Insane

Question asked by smokinigga on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by pizzacat

I was eagerly waiting to buy AMD RX480 8gb version since it was announced in Computex 2016 for 239$. If you do the math, it will be 16108.23 Indian rupee plus tax and it should be available for somewhere around 20k to 22k. But you priced it for an insane 28k where this card is outperformed by a 25k gtx 970 in its performance and price. Its yet another epic fail for you in India.Nvidia will reduce the price for gtx 970 and may be 980 and you wil simply loose the market here. I am really disappointed with your pricing strategy. Ill rather spend another 10k and buy gtx 1070. You lost one more customer. Do you have any justification?