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i have problems with ASUS r9 380X, any solutions?

Question asked by dramoss on Jun 30, 2016

i buy ASUS r9 380X and i am having problems:


1)  when i turn on my PC i see the BIOS screen, after that, my monitor is in black screen with 0_ in the bottom right of my screen until w7 start.

2) the video card came with a Software: GPU Tweek II with 3 options, OC mode, Gaming Mode, Silent mode, when i press one of this options the screen freeze and i have to restart my pc.

3) when im playing DOTA or CS GO i have crashes.

4) sometimes my pc have BSOD (i cant see the error because the screen freeze too)



Motherboard intel DP67BG

Processor intel core i7-2600

RAM: 1x4 corsair vengance black

          1x4 kingsdata

VideoCard: AMD Radeon R9 380X



thanks for the help and sorry for my english....