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    Total War Warhammer DX12 crossfire


      Hi guys, Is crossfire working for you with Total War Warhamme DX12 (new patch was released today)?


      I use 2x290 and on DX12 mode - only one card is running. Is it working for you correctly? or crossfire its not supported in DX12 mode? I'm using Crimson Edition 16.6.2

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          Under DirectX 12, Crossfire support has to be explicitly enabled and supported in the application.

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            Hi Kopietrz!

            I had the same issue got a reply from the a CA rep named grace on reddit:


            "Patch 1 also allows for beta DirectX12 multi-GPU support (Crossfire and SLI) . However, this has to be enabled manually as it requires the Steam Client beta and a manual edit of the preferences.script. The Steam Client beta is required to get round a DirectX12 Steam issue which prevents launching the game in DirectX12 multi-gpu mode.

            First please opt into the Steam client beta. You can do this via the following steps: - Open the Steam client - Select Steam in the top left corner - Select Settings in the drop down menu - In the Account settings, look for the 'Beta participation' settings - Opt into the Steam Beta Update - Click OK to accept this change and then reboot the Steam client

            You then need to make a change to your Warhammer preferences.script to enable multi GPU support in DX12. You can do this via the following steps: - Boot Warhammer on Patch 1 and then quit the game on the main menu (this forces the game to generate/update the preferences.script) - Open the preferences.script.txt located in \%AppData%\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer\scripts - Search for the line: gfx_dx12_multi_gpu false; - Change it to: gfx_dx12_multi_gpu true; - Save and close the preferences.script

            After that you should have multi GPU support enabled in DirectX 12."


            Post i made can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/totalwar/comments/4qr92s/dx12_crossfire_support_gone/

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                [EDIT]: Turning AMD crossfire on, while running under DX12 with the given solutions did work, and got me an average of 90 FPS on 2 over 73 fps on one FuryX maxed out 1440p. I didn't think to turn on the regular AMD crossfire since you're not supposed to do that for Ashes of the Singularity.


                Thanks for the informative post, and I really hoped it would work since I know it has worked for others but as of this moment it can't get the game to use both my GPUs.


                I opted into the steam beta, and changed the required line in the preferances.script but still only one of my FuryXs is being used (As indicated by usage monitor on the GPUs it's self, and the framerate being the exact same as previous benchmarks)


                Is it possible that the steam beta has since been updated in the past 10 days and that it no longer allows the game to launch in Mgpu mode? Is there any perceivable work around you're aware of? Thanks for any help I may get.

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                Why has this not been marked as answered? I've used this solution too.