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R9 M375 driver crash

Question asked by ghanieko on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2016 by amdmatt

did my laptop GPU die? this morning i wasnt able to open dota 2 it says failed to reset d3d9, so i tried reinstalling dota 2 because i thought it was the problem. After reinstalling dota 2, the problem is still there so i tried opening other games but the same problem still exists so i tried updating my drivers. The problem was still there so I uninstalled m gpu drivers using DDU and installed the latest drivers, but the problem is still there again. So i tried factory resetting my laptop and updated my drivers but I still couldn't open any games. Did my GPU die or is there something I can do to fix this?  I got Lenovo z51-70, running on i7-5500u 64-bit windows 8.1, R9 M375