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    HWBOT Team Cup 2016: Compete with the AMD Red team and globally!


      As HWBOT like to put it, "It’s that time of year again when overclocking teams on HWBOT start eyeing the the HWBOT Team Cup, the ultimate prize in team-oriented overlocking. It’s a contest that pits dozens of teams of overclockers against each other with a total of thirty stages that covers virtually every hardware category imaginable."

      (link to the competition here: OC eSports- Hwbot Team cup 2016  )

      So, how can you compete? It's simple enough, you benchmark your system and tweak it to the max to get the best score(after you make a Hwbot account, of course)! If you have never heard of Hwbot before, this is the AMD Red Team's profile: AMD Red Team @ HWBOT, and you can check out this thread to learn more about how to submit scores correctly: A guide for submitting results on Hwbot.org!  and once you have joined the Hwbot team, you can post here to let everyone know! AMD Red Team on HWBOT


      What kind of tests are there going to be this time around? Well, basically any hardware in the last 20 years will be used at some point. More specifically, the first round of competitions which start in July are these ones:

      Current Gen

      • Stage 1: SuperPI 1M - Skylake/Haswell (Average of 3 best CPUs)
      • Stage 2: 3DMark11 Full Out - GeForce 600/700
      • Stage 3: HWBOT Prime - Mobile Haswell/Skylake (Average of 3 best CPUs)
      • Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core - Steamroller
      • Stage 5: 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme - Radeon HD 7000 + Rx2/3 rebrand (Average of 3 best GPUs)
      • Stage 6: GPUPI for CPU 1B - Haswell E
      • Stage 7: Memory Clock - DDR4


      SC2: MODERN GEN (DDR3)


      Stage 1: XTU - Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge (Average of 3 best CPUs)

      Stage 2: Vantage 2x GPU - GeForce 500/400

      Stage 3: GPUPI for CPU 100M - Mobile Haswell/Skylake (Average of 3 best CPUs)

      Stage 4: 3DMark11 Physics - Piledriver/Bulldozer

      Stage 5: Unigine Extreme - Radeon HD 6000/5000 (Average of 3 best GPUs)

      Stage 6: HWBOT x265 1080P - Haswell E

      Stage 7: Memory Clock - DDR3


      SC:3 LEGACY (DDR2)


      Stage 1: PiFast - Socket 775 (Average of 3 best CPUs)

      Stage 2: 3DMark03 - NetBurst 775 + GeForce 9000/8000 (Average of 3 best CPUs)

      Stage 3: Wprime 1024 - Mobile Core/NetBurst

      Stage 4: 3DMark06 2x GPU - K10 + HD 3000 (Average of 3 best GPUs)

      Stage 5: 3DMark Vantage - K10 + HD 2000

      Stage 6: CPU Frequency - AM2

      Stage 7: Memory Clock - DDR2


      SC4: VINTAGE (DDR1)


      Stage 1: Wprime32 - NetBurst 478 (Average of 3 best GPUs)

      Stage 2: Aquamark - NetBurst + GeForce 6000

      Stage 3: SuperPi 1M - Mobile Intel w/DDR1

      Stage 4: 3DMark05 - Socket 939 + Radeon R500 (Average of 3 best GPUs)

      Stage 5: Cinebench2003 - Socket 754

      Stage 6: 3DMark99 - Socket 462+GeForce 5000

      Stage 7: Memory Clock - DDR1 (Average of 3 best scores)


      SC5: DOGPILE


      Stage 1: HWBOT Prime - CPU must be different

      Stage 2: 3DMark01 - GPUs must be different


      So as you can see, there is many different ways to compete, and with a variety of hardware. The competition opens July 1st, and ends in September, so you can help the Red Team on Hwbot over that whole time by overclocking and competing for the best scores possible from your hardware! Hope to see you there!