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Driver crash when I go into Shadow of Mordor encyclopedia

Question asked by speeder on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by speeder

I am using Sapphire Nitro 380X on UEFI mode (the little switch on top of the card)

OS is Windows 7 64-bit

my mobo UEFI is also everything set to UEFI mode, except for VGA when booting (due to Windows 7 refusing to boot as "Class 3" UEFI)


Driver is 16.6.1


Tests using Shadow of Mordor work mostly fine, game even manages to stay above 60fps for 99% of the time with everything on Ultra except the textures (that are on "very high" instead)


As soon as I visit the plants on the in-game encyclopedia, to read what the "herbs" do, the game shuts down, claiming I lost my display adapter, and Windows display a pop-up near the clock saying the GPU drivers rebooted.