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HD8970M Won't Work on Windows 10 - COMMON ISSUE

Question asked by cankalay on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by sandrino

Hey again,


This is my 3rd topic with same question. I am really tired of doing this but me and other HD8970M users really need this fixed. This is not a simple problem, which could be fixed such as set the game to max performance or set computer power usage to max performance or reinstall drivers bla bla. NO! I have done every single of those, after every single time i uninstalled and installed back my drivers. I even have reinstalled clean Win10.



The problem is, HD8970M never automatically runs on games but instead the Intel HD GPU runs. How i am sure? FPS.


What is my hotfix? Its a HDMI cable. Connect the laptop with HDMI cable to a TV, let it transfer the screen to TV. Then you can see HD8970M is being used as main GPU on Radeon Settings. Now plug-off the HDMI cable and run any game on your laptop with HD8970M.


BUT, once you shut down the laptop, restart it or put it to sleep mode: DANG. You have to repeat this process again.



So please try to think about other ways rather then using a HDMI cable to manually start GPU, because i can't have a HDMI cable or a TV next to me all the time.


This is a common issue in HD8970M GPUs. My hardware are all compatitable with Windows 10. Every single setting is set to max performance. Reinstalled clean for atleast 50 times. So please don't suggest such thinks.


Thank you