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Eyefinity with 2 physically and one network attached monitor

Question asked by nitro on Jun 29, 2016

Hey Guys,

I am trying to use eyefinity on my Computer.

Whilst it does work, i only have two monitors, from wich one is a 4:3...

I got so far, that eyefinity does work on those two monitors, without streching or other problems, but obviously, the center of the screen is not in the middle of the main monitor.

I thought, that it might be possible to use a software like Spacedesk to attach a third monitor via WiFi or LAN. This does work, until i start eyefinity.

Now, Spacedesk looses the connection and eyefinity only recognises the main monitor.


My question: is it possible to attach another display via LAN or even to simulate a third screen, so that the screencenter is in the center of the main monitor.

I have attached a grafik, wich should help you to understand what i am planning to do...


Main point of the setup is to have a wider field of view to the right.


I hope someone can help me,

Greets nitro