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    r9 380X black/red screen...again!



      I installed latest 16.6.2 crimson drivers and black screen (sometimes it is red) with no signal issue came back. I was very happy with 16.5.3 drivers and never had this issue so I installed 16.5.3 again and my problem is solved.


      But this is unacceptable! Since the release of R9 380/X every owner of this cards reports this specific issue and it is still not in the known issues of the release notes. The only work around AMD offers is going back 15.11.1 catalyst drivers. Come on! Do something with this issue, at least give us a reason why this happens!!! I like AMD products and I always support team red but AMD fails too bad with R9 380/X cards.


      Edit: Forgot to mention specs;

      GPU: R9 380X Nitro @stock

      CPU: FX 8350 @stock

      Mobo: GA-970A-UD3P

      Ram: 16 gb ddr3 (4*4)

      PSU: 750 Watt 80+ gold

      OS: Windows 10 pro