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FirePro W4100 Desktop Color Setting not saved/Load correctly

Question asked by erezw on Jun 29, 2016
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I'm using FirePro W4100 with four 23" displays, on win7 Pro, last week I have updated FirePro drivers to "Driver Package Version 15.301.2601".

In the FirePro Advanced Setting I Changed several parameters in the "Desktop Color" tab.

The problem is after some time or after restart (not sure what trigger the problem) the setting from "Desktop Color" tab is not active and the all displays looks like the setting is back to some default (Gamma, Brightness, Contrast).

When this occurs I double click on FirePro Setting icon from the notification area and press on the advanced tab this opens the "FirePro Advanced Setting" window, in the moment this window is open, all display are back to the correct custom setting (I'm not changing anything
and the custom setting numbers are saved, but looks like it's not active till I
open the window)

Now I can close the setting window till the next time this occurs.

Please Advise How to overcome this.