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    In Lenovo G50-80,Intel graphics is used instead of AMD graphics(R5 M330)


      I have Lenovo G50-80( model 80l0006hin ) laptop with 2GB AMD Radeon R5 M330 Graphics card.I am using windows 10 now.I downloaded the amd driver from lenovo website,installed it.But under "Display adpater properties",there is only 128mb memory under dedicated video memory.Games like Fifa 16 or GTA 4 are not working at high graphics.I have tried the latest amd software from amd website also,But it does not work.I have reinstalled the software several times but could not fix my problem.How to fix this?Screenshot1.png

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          Please provide more information.



          To configure an application to use the discrete GPU you need to open Radeon Settings > Preferences > Additional Settings.


          In CCC Slim, navigate to Switchable Graphics Application Settings. This area will allow you to select which 3D application uses the Integrated GPU or the High Performance GPU. Add the application to CCC and select High Performance Mode to ensure that the High Performance GPU is used. Note, it is recommend to have the laptop plugged in and Windows configured to High performance mode in the Control Panel > Power options to ensure you get the best possible performance.

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              Here is my system information:

              AMD Graphics Card

                • AMD Radeon(TM) R5 M330
                • Size 2GB
              • Laptop System
                • Lenovo G50-80
                • Model no:80L0006HIN

              Operating System

                • Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed
                • Driver Packaging Version15.20.1045-150622a-185844C-Lenovo
                • AMD Catalyst Control Center Version2015.0622.2137.37044
              • Display Devices
                • Intel HD Graphics Family.
              • CPU/APU
                • Intel Core i3-4030U 1.9GHz
              • RAM
                • 4GB


              After installing the drivers for my AMD graphics card(tried both from lenovo as well as from amd website) ,Under "display adapter properties" I am getting only 2136MB as total available graphics memory which include only "128MB" dedicated memory,even though I have 2GB dedicated memory.Games like FIFA 15,GTA IV are not working in high graphics.For other games too I have tested with GPU-Z to see which graphics card is being used.I found that my Intel hd graphics is being used and 0% load on amd one.I have tried to add applications (games) under switchable graphics option,but result is same.I want to know why I am getting only 2136MB as total graphics memory.Is it fine to have 2136MB graphics with $GB RAM+2GB AMD graphics card?If not then what is the solution for this?

              Please check the above screenshot. amdmatt