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    AMD Computex 2002 SledgeHammer Prototype Chassis


      AMD 2002 Computex Opteron Chassis

      Posted it in Red Team as a case mod project but I have one of the chassis AMD used for the 2002 Computex event. Would have of AMD's staff still have the specifications for this custom chassis (which AMD built in house in Austin I was told) so that I can have more to work with as I prep it for ATX and drop AM4 into it when it's available?

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          My Case Mod is going as planned... but I have a bit of a snag:


          I am hoping to get a VERY LARGE resolution copy of the AMD Gaming Evolved logo, as well as some information about what color of Chrimson Red AMD is using in their current advertising boxes. I'm pleasantly pleased to have found out that all the external panels on the chassis I'm working with are removable. They do need to be cleaned, which means a coat of paint and new graphic artwork will probably have to happen. I am also hoping anyone back at AMD remembers this chassis, or if they know where to look in the AMD archive, perhaps they might have something to offer that will help my project.


          I'm sure AMD's MARS would have the logos and information I want but I have no access. Let me know if anyone has any information that can help!