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    opencl symbols


      Is there any way to get debug symbols for the AMDAPPSDK-3.0 libraries?


      I'm getting a persistenat segv from calling clGetPlatformIDs, very far down in the stack.  I have almost nothing to go on since the call is quite innocuous. I'd be happy to narrow it down, work around it whatever, but I have nothing to go on.


      Thanks in advance


      #0  0x00007fffdeab3e5c in  () at /space/opt/AMDAPPSDK-3.0/lib/x86_64/libamdocl12cl64.so

      #1  0x00007fffddba540b in  () at /space/opt/AMDAPPSDK-3.0/lib/x86_64/libamdocl12cl64.so

      #2  0x00007fffddba2822 in  () at /space/opt/AMDAPPSDK-3.0/lib/x86_64/libamdocl12cl64.so

      #3  0x00007fffe0d9d5d9 in aclCompile () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #4  0x00007fffe045c985 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #5  0x00007fffe047e18c in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #6  0x00007fffe042bb4f in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #7  0x00007fffe043b8ec in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #8  0x00007fffe0428967 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #9  0x00007fffe0465132 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #10 0x00007fffe0466207 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #11 0x00007fffe0466396 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #12 0x00007fffe0426760 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #13 0x00007fffe04402f7 in  () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #14 0x00007fffe0410e53 in clIcdGetPlatformIDsKHR () at /lib64/libamdocl64.so

      #15 0x00007ffff575c77e in  () at /lib64/libOpenCL.so.1

      #16 0x00007ffff575e657 in  () at /lib64/libOpenCL.so.1

      #17 0x00007ffff703a0f9 in __pthread_once_slow (once_control=0x7ffff59603e0, init_routine=0x7ffff575e4b0) at pthread_once.c:116

      #18 0x00007ffff575e6e7 in  () at /lib64/libOpenCL.so.1

      #19 0x00007ffff575c715 in  () at /lib64/libOpenCL.so.1

      #20 0x00007ffff575cd41 in clGetPlatformIDs () at /lib64/libOpenCL.so.1

      #21 0x00007ffff78e1561 in caffe::Device::DisplayPlatformInfo() (this=this@entry=0x7ffff7dda7e0 <caffe::amdDevice>)





        • Re: opencl symbols


          Please share below information for debugging the issue.

          1) Your setup details (OS, driver and SDK version etc.) and related environmental variables such as LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

          2) Are you observing similar segmentation fault if you run "clinfo"  or any sample from APP SDK?