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R9 380 Nitro 4GB - Overheating and crashes - Bad drivers?

Question asked by danibw0i on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by danibw0i

I upgraded from Sapphire Radeon HD6850 1GB to Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro 4GB september 2015 and since then I have yet to enjoy the upgrade.


In games like Battlefield 4, with the 6850 I ran with medium settings and it was running cool and quiet, no problems, in fact no problems in any game at all with the old card.

With the R9 380 I am forced to run at medium settings still, even though there have been several driverupdates since then. And even at medium settings the card runs hotter than it's supposed to and fans at 100%. If I run at High or Ultra, the card overheats and shuts down my computer.


In Wasteland 2 and This War of Mine (which both are very low requirement games), in several areas, especially when there is animated fire or certain types of lightning involved, the card heats up and the game and/or drivers crashes, with the 6850 in the same areas there are no problems, still cool and quiet.


In Grand Ages - Medieval, even at medium settings, it also overheats and turns the game into a slideshow. The only game I've been able to enjoy this supposedly massive upgrade with, is GTA:V, which was pretty much due to the xtra VRAM + FarCry 4. I generally have lots of drivercrashes, no matter which game.


I've tested and comparisoned the 2 cards back and forth with the latest compatible drivers and the fact is, the R9 380 behaves like a downgrade. I also returned the 380 but the techsupport weren't able to find any problems I mentioned, however they only tried it with the 2 games I have zero problems with + 2 benchmarks, no testing of the games I specified the problems with or the components, to check for voltage issues or faulty microcomponents on the card. Sloppy support in my opinion. But there is no more help for me to get there so I have to try here.


The system is supplied by a Corsair TX850v2 with a single 12V rail @ 70Amp, which is more than enough to run 2 of these cards and then some, so that's not the issue.

My system has a well setup aircooling and it's completely dustfree, even after 10months running this card there isn't a hint of dust onnit. Also, the fans are working as they should, so that's not the problem either. I've also been in contact with the different techsupports on the different games but we concluded that the games weren't causing the problems. My other components are working fine as well. So, the only thing I can think of the AMD drivers. I've found a billion threads of people having the same issue with the same card and more and more points to the drivers.


PS: I've also tried all the standard tips given by AMD support.


I guess my question is: Does AMD have any plans to release functioning drivers so that we can buy your products without developing frustration tumors? I already got a few grey hairs and I see no reason why I should speed up that process.


Is there anyone here who can say for sure if it's the drivers? Or did I miss something in the problemsolving process? Or does anyone have any temporary workarounds?