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    AMD RX 480 8GB Is good?


      See AMD RX 480 Graphics card specification below:



      It is good?

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          I'd really like to buy one, but this is rather off-putting to me:



          AMD’s Radeon RX 480 draws an average of 164W, which exceeds the company's target TDP. And it gets worse. The load distribution works out in a way that has the card draw 86W through the motherboard’s PCIe slot. Not only does this exceed the 75W ceiling we typically associate with a 16-lane slot, but that 75W limit covers several rails combined and not just this one interface.


          AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB Power Consumption Results



          Seriously, if even all the board partners are having the same results on their cards, I don't think I will buy one. Spec limits are there for a reason. I'm not jeopardizing my board for this card.