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FPS limiter incompatibility with Crysis Warhead ?

Question asked by blood_sam on Jun 28, 2016
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I bought Crysis Warhead yesterday, and launched it without problem. I wanted to tweak it just a little, so installed the desired mod, and activated AF 16x and FPS limiter through the Crimson interface.

After that, I wasn't able to play the game, it crashed during loading (at 99 %), when changing graphical options, or when alt tabbing. And when the game crash, I have no choice but to reboot the computer.

So, I removed the tweak, still crashing.

Removed the AF 16x in Crimson interface, still crashing.

Removed the FPS limiter, still crashing.


It wasn't occuring in windowed mode however, but after switching to fullscreen, it would crash when changing options or quitting the game.

After investigation, it looked like the FPS limiter was activating itself in the general settings, if I activated it for Crysis Warhead, tried to play the game and then rebooted the PC with the reset button. So when I was removing the game profile, the global settings still applied the limiter.


I finally found the cause of the crashes, and it seems to be the FPS limiter, which is a bit buggy because it also activated itself in the global settings, under certain circumstances (verified several times). I will also post this via the report form.


My PC :

CPU : i5 4670k


GPU : Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC with latest drivers 16.6.1

OS : Windows 8.1 up to date

Game version used : Steam one, playing in DX10 didn't test in DX9

Settings doesn't seem to matter.