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    Woman wins $10,000 judgment against Microsoft for forced Windows 10 upgrade


      ""For months, we’ve cataloged continued user resistance to Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade policies, the company’s increasing attempts to shove users to adopt the OS, and its occasional backtrack when its own policies went too far. It seems that at least one customer took the fight to court and won a small judgment against the company for how it deployed its latest operating system.

      The Seattle Times reports that Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California, sued Microsoft after a failed Windows 10 upgrade left her system performing poorly, prone to crashing, and reportedly unusable for multiple days. Given the general issues associated with performing in-place upgrades, even successful ones, it’s not surprising that some users would run into problems. Goldstein reached out to Microsoft customer service to attempt to resolve her issues, but filed suit against the company once it failed to resolve her problems. Her $10,000 figure reflected estimated lost compensation as well as the cost of a new system.""


      ""One $10,000 judgment against Microsoft isn’t going to make a blip in the company’s financial earnings or its overall Windows 10 trajectory. But it neatly caps a year of self-inflicted damage regarding Windows 10 and Microsoft’s free upgrade. The repeated changes to Windows 10’s upgrade policy, mandatory telemetry collection, and decisions to kill off patch notes and make all updates mandatory (plus the issues with UWP and gaming) have collectively left a bad taste in many users’ mouths.""



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          Aye, it's what I was referring to in The specified item was not found. the story just took a while to filter out to the other sites. I don't think anyone buys Microsoft's story about further litigation costs, but it does open a door for more lawsuits. One also has to wonder if it is directly responsible for the change in the upgrade prompt to now have a clear "decline upgrade" option.


          The sad thing is, if Microsoft removed forced updating, language which allows them to remove any program they deem undesirable, and removed all advertising from the Pro edition, upgrade licenses from Home to Pro would sell as fast as Microsoft could generate them, and Windows 10 would not be struggling at 10% market share.

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            $10K isn't even pocket change for MS. If the FTC were to properly perform their job they would have issued a cease and desist order, actually several to MS for their illegal access to PCs, their SPAMMING and their blackmail coercion on WIN10. Unfortunately the politicians filling government consumer protection agencies can be bought by unscrupulous business entities. A class action lawsuit in every country in the world for MS;s:


            1. Illegal SPAMMING

            2. Illegal access of PCs

            3. MS's failure to properly provide proper Zen processor patches for Win7-8

            could result in hundreds of billions of fines and that is exactly what should happen to the criminals at MS.


            People in the U.S. should be contacting their state and Congressional reps to demand prosecution of MS for their multiple anti-trust and criminal violations of law.