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    I can't find Crossfire selection on RADEON SETTINGS


      AMD Graphics Card

           MSI R7 250 2Gb


      desktop system


      Operating System

           Windows 7 64bit


      Radeon Software Version



      Display Devices   

           SAMSUNG SyncMaster SA300 1920X1080 @75Hz



           ASUS A88X PRO



           A10 7850K With R7 Graphics


      Power Supply

           EVGA GOLD2 550W



           X2 4G CORSAIR PRO VENGEANCE 2400


      - I installed the drivers for radeon settings (16.3.2) and i also went into the BIOS and enable igfx and i put primary the GPU on the PCIE 3.0.. my monitor is connected to the GPU.

      when i open radeon settings,in the system it says that the gpu is primary and the apu graphics is disabled. My problem is when i go to the gaming tab and from there to the global graphics settings there is NO "AMD Crossfire" selection as i read from other posts,forums or instructions. I think i did everything right but still no amd crossfire choice. please some help