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HD-7870 Black Screen after installing crimson driver 16.3

Question asked by wesleye on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by angelica

After installing crimson graphics driver 16.3, during a match of League of Legends PC caught after restart, the screen shows the windows logo, then the PC crashes and the screen goes black, the system works in safety and without video driver after being removed with DDU, I have another HD with an older version of the driver and it is the same problem.


I noticed that after the windows logo, the VGA coolers slow, reducing noise.


Pretty much the same problem reported by users below:


Crimson Destroys My Sapphire HD 7870 XT




MB: Maximus V Gene

Proc: Intel Core i7 2600 3.40Ghz

RAM: 16GB Gskill Zseries 2133

SSD: Corsair 120GB