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I'm trying to record my screen video, but I have a problem with sounds.

Question asked by kisaragi on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2016 by kisaragi

I use AMD Radeon R9 380.

I heard than recent AMD graphic drivers include sound driver.

But when I tried to record my screen, there was no sounds recorded except my microphone.

So, I installed realtek sound driver and I've got 'stereo mix' at my instrument list for record.

Thought, it doesn't work at all. As system sounds are sounded, the bar on the right side, (em... sort of? equalizer? how do we call it?) doesn't move.

Maybe it means, stereo mix doesn't catch any sounds, So I think my computer's sounds are coming out from AMD graphic driver.

Are there any way to make my stereo mix worked?

I'll embed my instrument list for record

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Sorry for korean but may you can catch it by icons.