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R9 Fury X freezing under load

Question asked by csimm on Jun 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by amdmatt

PSU: OCZ 1000W Gold


CPU: AMD FX-8350

GPU: MSI R9 Fury X

RAM: 32G Corsair Dom Plat

My card sits at 25 C idle and never goes above 35 C under load (usually sits at 30-32C under load). However, I am experiencing serious freezing issues when I play graphically demanding games. I just switched from an XFX 290X that died, but I never had these issues with the 290X. I can play games like Heroes of the Storm without issues, but as soon as I start to play The Witcher 3 or R6S it's just a short amount of time before the whole system freezes and I have to power shutdown and restart it. I've searched and it seems no one has this particular issue. This has been an issue with every driver release as well. My PSU is getting pretty old, so I have ordered a new one. If that doesn't work I just don't know what to do.