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    AMD vs Nvidia in WoW


      I have searched all over the net and I can not find anything online except "Dont use AMD  graphics cards for WoW"


      This is my dilemma.


      My wife has a Nvidia GTX 950 in her PC and I have a Radeon R9 380, now I have a GTX 960 in there that belongs to my brother, using it for testing. We do not buy high-end video cards as WoW is pretty much all we have time for.


      Our PCs are Identical, specs below:

      Windows 10 Pro

      MSI Z97 Gaming 5

      Intel 4690K Processor

      16GB Corsair DDR3 1600 memory

      500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

      EVGA 650GQ 80+ Gold Power supply

      Mine: Sapphire R9-380 4GB

      Hers: EVGA GTX-950 2GB


      Im not a Nvidia fan, I never have been, however, she is and her GTX 950 yields on average with High setting in wow @ 1080P 60-90 FPS, just depends on where we are in game, in raids she drops to 45-50ish. With my R9-380 I only get 45-60 avg and in Raids it can drop to 30 or below. I have checked temps, removed the drivers with DDU and reinstalled, tried different versions of the AMD driver etc, all yielding the same results. I popped in a GTX 960 that is my brother-in-laws and mine goes to 75-90 avg and in Raids, 40-60


      Is there a reason that WoW doesnt work well with AMD cards? I am considering buying the RX 480 for both PCs when its released as we want to use 1440P resolutions with our 1440P monitors, but I am hesitant if they are not going to be an improvement to what we already have, 400+ for 2 GPUs that arent going to make a difference isnt a wise expense and I may just wait for the GTX 1060s to come out.

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          I would say she is cutting the details to give you a headache. TechPowerUp did this test for their R9 380X Strix review (DirectX 11, Ultra details), the R9 380 and GTX 960 (I think you meant she had a 960, because if she's getting those numbers with a 950 then you know she's using lower detail levels) are equal in performance at 53FPS.



          ASUS Radeon R9 380X Strix 4GB Review | techPowerUp

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              Well, no she is using the GTXD 950 FTW card clocked at 1450 MHz boost, and yes it does run faster than my 380, I installed the 380 in hers and it runs the same in her PC.


              I know WoW is a old game, but it is very popular still, I wish they would test their drivers with World of Warcraft and at least try to enhance them, at mmo-champion.com, a site that is very popular among the WoW crowd, no one recommends AMD gpus for WoW, I would love to see that change.


              Since that is the main game I play I will have to forgo the RX 480 and wait for the GTX 1060 to run at 1440P, as stated we are currently running at 1080P on 1440P monitors. As far as techreport benchmarks, they are not done in raids, they are in open world content so those numbers arent what we are looking for especially since in open world she gets better rates than what they show for the 960, but I am sure that is "average FPS".

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              Well their are a couple of factors one The PTR and Alpha builds are always built around Intel/ Nvidia. Then an old AMD API is applied to the code that hardly recognizes any of the Modern AMD Hardware. Plus with the new Crimson drivers I myself have noticed significant decrease in Performance in  WoW on AMD GPU's! Which you will still see unless Crimson Drivers show up with an improved profile for WoW. So until then its disappointing on AMD hardware and WoW!

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                  Well I hope this all changes with AMD drivers. I do not like Nvidia, I think they are a dishonest company, I have been a ATI/AMD fan since the ATI Rage days. I have owned nothing but Radeon cards except a GTS 250 that was given to me as a gift, I only used it for 2 months when I bought myself a Xmas present of the HD 4770