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AMD vs Nvidia in WoW

Question asked by loadedaxe on Jun 27, 2016
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I have searched all over the net and I can not find anything online except "Dont use AMD  graphics cards for WoW"


This is my dilemma.


My wife has a Nvidia GTX 950 in her PC and I have a Radeon R9 380, now I have a GTX 960 in there that belongs to my brother, using it for testing. We do not buy high-end video cards as WoW is pretty much all we have time for.


Our PCs are Identical, specs below:

Windows 10 Pro

MSI Z97 Gaming 5

Intel 4690K Processor

16GB Corsair DDR3 1600 memory

500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD

EVGA 650GQ 80+ Gold Power supply

Mine: Sapphire R9-380 4GB

Hers: EVGA GTX-950 2GB


Im not a Nvidia fan, I never have been, however, she is and her GTX 950 yields on average with High setting in wow @ 1080P 60-90 FPS, just depends on where we are in game, in raids she drops to 45-50ish. With my R9-380 I only get 45-60 avg and in Raids it can drop to 30 or below. I have checked temps, removed the drivers with DDU and reinstalled, tried different versions of the AMD driver etc, all yielding the same results. I popped in a GTX 960 that is my brother-in-laws and mine goes to 75-90 avg and in Raids, 40-60


Is there a reason that WoW doesnt work well with AMD cards? I am considering buying the RX 480 for both PCs when its released as we want to use 1440P resolutions with our 1440P monitors, but I am hesitant if they are not going to be an improvement to what we already have, 400+ for 2 GPUs that arent going to make a difference isnt a wise expense and I may just wait for the GTX 1060s to come out.